Awards and how it works.

Why are you doing this?
I don’t think writers are given recognition enough and this way, having their followers voting to get their fanfic voted as the best one at that time will be a huge compliment.

How this will work.

As soon as the ask box is open for nominations you may vote for each of the catagories. As soon as these have been accepted by the chosen deadline, they will be counted and decided upon who goes through to the final stage judging by the most votes.
Depending on how many fan fics are nominated and how many nominations there are for each fan fic will determine how many times they are needed to be voted for to get them through to the next round.
Once the most popular, again depending on how many are nominated for, the list of nominees for each catagory will be published. You will then be voting until the next deadline for your favourite.
The votes will be counted and the awards will be given on a chosen date.

How can I vote?
Simply leave a message in the ask box with the following:
Name of fic/one shot and who by:
Award nominating for:
Reason why:

When will we know if the fic we voted for was good enough?
We’ll count the votes for each fan fic. If it has above a certain number of votes then it’ll be put forward to be up for nomination for the final award.
Until we know how many fanfics are going to be nominated we can’t decide on how many time it will have to be submitted to be in for a chance.